Life Changes and Adventures


This quote has become my motivation recently. I had posted it not too long ago on my Instagram and my Facebook page because it truly described what was happening to me that day. The day that I posted this quote was actually the day that I put my notice in with my current position. This is going to be my last summer working at my library and words cannot express the amount of mixed emotions that I have currently. But first I should probably give an explanation for everything.

Anthony and at the beginning of the year started to have serious discussions about moving back to Orlando. My parents have moved to that area, my sister and brother-in-law live there, and his parents live there as well. Now, I have lived ten years away from my parents, and even though we are currently a three hour drive from Orlando, it wasn’t enough. It didn’t feel right to not be closer and be together as a family. My sister and I will eventually have kids of our own and I know that I want a similar upbringing that we had when we were kids. That three hour drive also does a number on my back and being able to just go down the road rather then across the state sounds way more appealing and a much easier experience. It was a no brainer that  we wanted to be closer to everyone. I am also proud to say that Anthony’s business is growing and they need to lay down their roots and hire more people. When it came down to it, Orlando was the better choice for them to continue to grow. Because of this, it has allowed me to resign from my position a month before our wedding and take the time to enjoy it and not be as frazzled as I have been. I am not ashamed to admit that I don’t handle stress very well.

As I said there are so many mixed emotions going on in my head. These are all exciting ventures but it’s all scary too. Anthony and I took adulting to an extreme these past few months with planning a wedding, getting financial stuff in order, and also starting the process to building our new house! That is why I have been stressed out and feeling completely overwhelmed. I tend to tack on a lot of stuff in my life, always wanting to do more and I end up going overboard. However, these are all positive things and it will all be worth it in the end.


Our lot and our awesome realtor!

We actually just recently signed our contracts for our new home and the process has officially begun. It’s so exciting because our new home will be so close to everyone and in such an ideal location. I will now have a yard for Henry to play in, and a house big enough that I know I will never see Misty again. That’s the joke of it at least; there will be poop in her litter, and her food will be eaten, but we will never see her. It’s all of course a joke, shes my baby girl and will always be my shadow. Sometimes we feel we are getting this house for them, which in all honesty there is nothing wrong with that. But here we are, getting married and getting a house! This is the next chapter in our lives and I am over the moon happy to be going on this adventure with Anthony. I have lived in apartments for ten years and it’s refreshing to finally be able to set down some roots and start the rest of our lives together in our brand new house.

Many of you are probably wondering about my job. I am certainly sad to leave but I am needing the mental break as well. It’s been such a whirlwind experience with its highs and its lows, but that is with any job. I have grown so much as a children’s librarian and have met some amazing people along the way. It was the first job I landed after getting my masters degree and I am truly blessed for gaining this experience. What’s next for me is currently up in the air. Is that a scary thought? Of course it is, but it is exciting all at the same time. I am not 100% sure if I am going to work in another library again or whether to try a whole new adventure. That is the beauty of it. For many that may seem like an alarming thought but to me it isn’t. We have one life to live and I want to experience as much as I possibly can in this short life that we live. The number one thing that I want to do is to travel and it is one of our biggest goals currently. We will be traveling for a month for a honeymoon and I can’t express the excitement that is building as that day gets closer.

Now my position will be available to apply for soon, so if anyone is interested and you want to live in the sunshine state you should totally apply! There is such a freedom of creativity with my library and there are so many opportunities to work on any unique ideas that you may have!

Change can be a scary thing for many, but I am ready for this new step in my life. It feels good to finally be able to share it with everyone because it truly is an amazing time in our life. I may not know what is next, but with Anthony by my side, and knowing that I will be closer to my family, I will take whatever comes my way ❤





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