Summer Reading Suggestions

summer-reading-africa-studios-shuttersthock-e1436293933664It’s hard to imagine that summer is here! Here in Florida the kids are off from school and we are getting read to launch our summer reading program. I always feel this is the greatest time of year for reading. Librarians may not necessarily have more time for reading because of how busy we are, but we are busy because that is one of the big to do lists for many while the kids are out of school. But I feel parents really get the reading bug during the summer as well. I don’t know about you, but I greatly enjoy laying out by the pool with a good read. I recently had someone on Instagram reach out for book recommendations so I thought it would be wonderful to put some suggestions here on the blog, but there are also some great resources out there to find some good reads whether for the kiddos or for us grown-ups.

There are always going to be summer reading lists for kids. Many of our kiddos come in with reading lists from school and sometimes I look at them and go oh dear. As a librarian, I do wish schools would reach out to us more in regards to these lists because a lot of the times we never have enough copies for them or many of the titles are out of print! downloadWhat I do order a lot more of are Sunshine State Readers List books. Sunshine State Readers books are chosen by school librarians across the state of Florida. This organization specifically is called FAME (Florida Association for Media in Education). They have two separate lists; one for grades 3-5 and another for grades 6-8. There are a lot of great reading lists out there, but I personally love this list because they tend to choose books that I feel kids react more to. I am not bashing the classics by any means, but a lot of the times they tend to be a hard sell. There is something for everyone on this list and I tend to read a lot of the ones that are presented each year. When I was completing my masters, I read many titles from that current year for many of my assignments and I loved every one that was on the list. Two of my favorite titles that are on the 6th through 8th grade list are Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan and The Cross Over by Kwame Alexander. Both are fantastic choices for anyone to read, and I am meaning that adults would find them entertaining as well. This is especially true for Echo which I personally found to be the most beautiful story.

Another great resource for summer reading titles is through ALSC (Association for Library Services to Children). They have also been putting together fantastic lists for summer reading recommendations. They just recently released a lovely list for children birth to preschool! I personally make sure that I add titles to the library from these lists because I trust my colleagues to select quality and entertaining titles for families.One of my favorite titles from the birth to preschool list is Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book by Britta Teckentrup. Beautiful, beautiful book that displays a tree through all the seasons. There are cut out holes that reveal cute animals hidden within the tree as you turn the pages. I absolutely just adored this sweet picture book.

Adults can be a whole other ball game. We all have our personally preferences when it comes to reading. Some of us like quick little reads, and some of us get into extensive novels. Lately, I have had a tough time with fiction reads and have been wanting to read shorter books that don’t require much mental effort on my part. With everything that is going I have been finding it hard to concentrate. I was talking with one of my regular moms and she told me about a fellow blogger who has an abundance of reading recommendations. Modern Mrs. Darcy is going to be my new go-to for reading inspirations. First, let me say what a beautiful blog! I was so impressed with everything from the look of it, to how it flowed and just the abundance of information she has. Her summer reading list is so unique and she has read every title in order to give proper recommendations. She is truly upfront with all of the titles and explains how some of them may not be right for some readers and great for others. Under book series she recommends the Cinder Series by Marissa Meyer, which if you haven’t read this wonderful YA series I would highly recommend it. Other than that there many titles that I was unfamiliar with and it peaked my interest to possibly try them all out!

So whether you enjoy reading by the pool, or listening to a great book in the car, there are so many great opportunities this summer to get in a great read. This goes for all ages and I hope that a lot of these resources will help you find your next great read!


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