Secret Hideaway: Cafe Delamar


Have you ever found one of your favorite places by accident? Sometimes when you peruse new areas where you live, you may just happen to fall upon a new place to explore. What I love about Worth Ave on Palm Beach Island is that there seems to be so many secret passage ways leading to little shops and restaurants. They are not of course a secret but apart of the shopping district. However, they give you the illusion that you have just come across something special and it’s tucked away for you to come and explore. That is how we found one of our favorite lunch getaways. One day Anthony and I were strolling around Worth Ave and wanted to have lunch. Now if you have ever been there this is not necessarily an easy task because many of the places around the area are quite pricey. Consider Worth Ave to be the Rodeo Drive of South Florida. We were honestly looking for one of their pizza restaurants to try that is tucked away as well, but we accidentally went down through this particular path one day and that is how we found Cafe Delamar.


Cafe Delamar is hidden down this quaint little court yard just off of Worth Ave. As you stroll down the path there is a beautiful lion head fountain with a stunning arrangement of cascading white orchids and different styles of palms. The sidewalks are paved in lovely red Spanish tile, and along the walkway you will find little stairways that will take owners away to their hidden apartments above. To me this whole experience is like a little hidden oasis and it comes off as your own little secret. However, it is certainly no secret as I know that it is fairly popular among the locals. But that is what makes this place so special. You get the feelings and sensations of a secret getaway or a private lunch location just for you. Sometimes it’s all about the ambiance with any location that you go.IMG_6873

The Cafe is run by the sweetest French Canadian couple. They now know us fairly well, and they always have a good premonition of what we will order. Currently, they have entered their summer hours and are open Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm. We are currently in the off-season for Palm Beach, so business hours tend to change due to low numbers of visitors to the area.

IMG_6640It’s a small location, with only a few tables and chairs, and only one small table inside. It can be hot inside, so personally I enjoy sitting outside and taking in the fresh air. Many of the patrons to this cafe simply take their food to-go or they have it delivered. Their delivery person takes everything to you on his bicycle. I don’t know why but I find this to be the most adorable thing because it is an older gentleman who delivers their delicious items. These little details are what helps create that quaint ambiance that I can’t get enough of. You can sit outside and enjoy your lunch, while listening to some jazz music provided by one of our local radio stations. The music is very relaxing and it gives me the sensation that I have found this special little cafe tucked away somewhere on the streets of Paris.


Their food consists mostly of salads and sandwiches with a few items to choose from for breakfast. I recently told Anthony that I would love to come for a small bite to eat for breakfast and possibly take it to the beach because it is only a few blocks away! They have daily specials that are simply delectable. However, I tend to get their chicken salad.


Their salad is very light and I personally find it to be quite flavorful. After having my gallbladder removed, mayonnaise tends to not sit well with me. Nevertheless their salad really is nice and light and is never bothersome.Probably a little too much information, but let’s be honest it’s nice when you are able to find a location that creates some of your favorite foods but creates them in a lighter way and is still delectable. The salad normally comes with a Dijon dressing but I always ask for their balsamic vinaigrette. It’s delicious and instead of dousing my salad completely with it, I simply dip my salad into the dressing. I find that this helps to not use as much of the dressing; cutting down on the calories. Anthony tends to get his chicken salad on a sandwich if you happen to enjoy your chicken salad in that manner.

I love finding little places such as this. What I love most about this area are the numerous mom and pop places that you are able to find but are also run by some of the nicest people. If you are ever visiting the Palm Beach area, Cafe Delamar is certainly a must for a perfect lunchtime treat.


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