Favorite Basic Tee


Everyone has basic items in their closet. For many of us, that item is your everyday tee shirt. I had to purchase some new ones this year for the summer because so many of mine just didn’t fit anymore. I personally fell in love with this Malibu v-neck from Banana Republic Factory! As you can see I love to get a lot of my clothes from the outlets. I personally find better deals there for myself and with brands that I feel fit my body. Banana Republic has been on a roll with me and I can’t tell you how much I love this tee. Course, as you can see from the picture, I have probably every color that you can imagine. I am personally that shopper that when I find something that I love and it fits me well, I will purchase it in multiple colors and/or patterns.


This tee is very light weight which is fantastic for Florida. Sometimes that can make them a little sheer so I do tend to wear a tank top underneath for layers. I love that it is not form fitting but that its a little more flowy on my body. I also love the way it has a scoop on the bottom of the tee. I feel that this is very flattering to my figure and compliments my curves nicely! And what about those colors? The colors are wonderful for fun, bright summer outfits.

A basic tee can be worn so many different ways which is why it is such a staple for ones wardrobe. As you can see I simply paired it with my favorite jeans, a cute necklace and my sandals. So easy, and of course comfortable. I tend to dress down a little during the summer as we are crazy busy here at the library! But I also want to make sure I look put together. You know me, comfort + chic. Happy Fashion Friday everyone!


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