Fountains of Silence Book Review

I been in a huge reading slump this Spring. I am surrounded by books at all times. At the library. At home. And maybe I should not have brought home a huge rolling bag full of books to read during self-isolation because I haven’t even touched them and that stresses me a little. I have been bouncing around from book to book the last several months and not really finishing any of them. None of them are just grabbing my attention.

However, the one book that I did finish back in March, that I could not put down was The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys. This book had so much heart and truly made you feel every emotion.

This was one of those books that you read and then you want to know all about this world and the history behind the story. So needless to say, this story brought on a couple of days worth of research and time spent learning about Spain after World War II.

The novel is set in Spain in the late 1950’s. During this time, Spain is controlled by General Francisco Franco who openly welcomes tourists and business men all while the people of his country are suffering under his dictatorship.

Daniel arrives in Spain with father who is looking for an oil deal and his mother who was born in Spain and is looking to reconnect with the country. Daniel hopes he can use his photography to learn more about the country where his mother was born, but through the lens of his camera, he starts to see a different side of Spain. He starts to see the side of Spain that they don’t want the tourists to see.

Like I mentioned earlier, this story has so much heart. The author has a way of connecting you with every single character in the book, no matter how minor of a character they are. You feel their struggles and see their pain as they become more aware of things that are happening around them. I love the love story aspect of the book and how the two characters struggle with who they are as individuals and how all the events happening around them have such an impact on who they are as a couple.

I enjoyed the fact that this book was set in a time and place that you don’t normally read about. I’ve never read a book set in 1950’s Spain, and I think that is why I finished the book and wanted to know more about this time period. This book even has a little bit of Texas and a couple mentions of Texas A&M (if you are a fan).

This book definitely moves into my top favorites list and is one I will recommend to everyone. So if you want love, mystery, action, humor, spying, Spanish bullfighting, and history, definitely give this book a chance. You won’t regret it.

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