11150272_937618266283868_1227421698913034138_nHello everyone, my name is Ms. Sarah. I am a children’s librarian, living in the sunny state of Florida. I have been a children’s librarian at my library for almost three years now, and I love every moment of it. I find a lot of my ideas online, especially from other children librarians. I love sharing some of the ideas I have gathered or even some of the ideas that I have come up with on my own. The librarian world is a very sharing world and I love seeing what we all put out there
I am happily engaged to the love of my life. My fiance’ and I have been together for four years; we have known each other for almost 12. He and I met while working at the Tower of Terror during my College Program at Walt Disney World. He is my best friend and I am truly blessed.
He proposed to me at our favorite tea place called the Windsor Rose Tea 11825180_10153053489371409_7236909251494985648_nRoom. I am obsessed with London (maybe someday I can live there) and the tea room really reminds me of it. The whole event was just perfect. From having high tea while it was raining, to finding my engagement ring in an antique book. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal.

We are getting married 9/2/16 and the planning process is always interesting. We are very excited for this journey and I hope to share with you many of the details along the way.

I am also a furry mommy.

I have a a dog named Henry


and a cat named Misty.

I love my fur-babies very much and I am sure you will see them from time to time.

12112458_10153202140286409_645775332514706403_nEven with all of this, I have been trying to live a healthy life.I have been losing weight and getting fit and I would love to continue to share this journey with you. For many, losing weight is a constant struggle. I have been plus size for as long as I can remember. I have recently lost 60 lbs and I am now trying to tone my body and eat healthy. It’s not easy, and there are days I want to give up, but I hope to share this journey so that I continue to move forward and even send a little inspiration.

That is me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy this page and find tiny bits of inspiration to add to your life.


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